file provider

  1. A

    Android Question How user can select a file on his phone?

    Hi all Happy 2024 I need to add a feature to my app that will allow to the user to select a file and upload it to the server. How to select a file manually? Thanks
  2. drgottjr

    Android Question ActivitySetResult + FileProvider + Bitmap = Failure

    This is a trimmed version of a thread started here: Perhaps the length of the original post was not appropriate. I am trying to figure out why it's possible to send a bitmap...
  3. drgottjr

    Android Question "ContentProviderHelper.checkAssociationAndPermissionLocked". Say What?

    here's a strange exception: ContentProviderHelper.checkAssociationAndPermissionLocked the method referred to is easily found in instances of the exception are not so easy to find. below please find the exception that was logged by my app, as well as...
  4. Ganso

    Android Question KeyValueStore database import & export

    Hi. I'm using KeyValueStore2 for storing configuration data in my project, and it's working great. I'd like to have the posibility of making backups of the configuration and import them in the same or other devices. CloudKVS would be great, but I don't have a dedicated server to install it...