1. MitchBu

    Android Question Access pics in file.dirassets from an html page.

    My help file is an html in File.DirAssets, which uses a dozen or so pictures and video. I don't seem to be able to address them in HTML, although they are in files.dirassets together with the html page. I suspect they are in compressed form, and need to be extracted somehow. I searched the...
  2. MicroDrie

    Android Question File.DirAssets returns AssetsDir as string text

    I use B4A version 9.50 and B4A Bridge version 2.60. I am having problems with the Log command ("DirAssets:" & File.DirAssets). This returns the string text "DirAssets: AssetsDir". Log("DirAssets: " & File.DirAssets) Log("DirDefaultExternal: " & File.DirDefaultExternal)...