1. energypf

    Android Question Problem retrieving imported data saved with File.DirRootExternal with API 30

    Hello, I have developed an App that saves patient medical reports in a folder outside the app. Example: "/storage/emulated/0/appname/report.pdf". Having ascertained that with the new versions it is no longer possible to use this function, I would like to understand how to release the new version...
  2. C

    Android Question Should I replace File.DirRootExternal?

    In my private (not publishing to Play Store and using on my private Android 10 device) phone I've made myself an app that saves its' backups in storage/emulated (File.DirRootExternal), I've implemented permission checking and everything works well. I really prefer to have it over there as it's...
  3. Andris

    Android Question How should "/Download" folder be handled in API 30?

    In a previous thread I ended up solving a File.ListFiles problem under API 29 by adding SetApplicationAttribute(android:requestLegacyExternalStorage, true) to my manifest editor. Erel's recommendation, as stated in...
  4. Arnaud

    Android Question Runtime Permissions Android 10 / File.DirRootExternal

    Hello, With Android 10, it is not possible to read the folder "File.DirRootExternal " because not permission. ( - 29 - No permission to access File.DirRootExternal, even with the STORAGE permission). Is there an other way to access folder "Download " or "Bluetooth" in Android storage...