1. R

    Android Question Futronic Finger print error JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: use of invalid jobject

    Hi all , I am developing an android app , I am using SDK for Futronic finger print in my app and it works fine , but some devices return for me this error : "JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: use of invalid jobject 0xbabbb8d0" any one can help ??
  2. I

    iOS Question (Solved)Unlock Pin/Fingerprint scanner

    Hi Guys I have a requirement to prompt the user to enter the phone unlock pin or use the fingerprint scanner before accessing specific parts of the app: I am looking for a B4i solution similar to the one in the link: Your...
  3. I

    Android Question (Solved)Unlock Pin

    Hi Guys is there a way to request the user to enter the phone unlock pin. Basically If fingerprint.HardwareDetected = False Then 'Request Pin instead Else if fingerprint.HasEnrolledFingerprints = False Then ToastMessageShow("No fingerprints were enrolled.", False) Else...
  4. enrique1

    Android Question Use fingerprint sensor as reader (not for auth, more than 200 fingerprints)

    Hello, I've read some posts about this, but none of them could do exactly what I'm needing: I'd need to read fingerprints (around 200 that would be stored in a DB) and check whether they match or not. Example: Once I read a fingerprint, I'd check with the DB if it exists. If so, some actions...
  5. M

    Android Question WSQ (fingerprint) library ?

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a reasonably priced or free Android library that will allow me to convert regular images (eg. jpg, png, bmp) into the WSQ (fingerprinting) format ?
  6. C

    Android Question Fingerprint on Android 5.0.2

    I tried to post this on the post "Fingerprint Authentication" of Oct 30, 2016, but it is too old. Knowing that: I have a device that is working with Android 5.0.2 and for now it is not updatable. Is there the possibility to use that module on this Android version? Is there some other library...
  7. Sidnei Nardo

    Android Question fingerprint or facial recognition

    I need to develop a system for identifying people in b4a, for the camera, it can be fingerprint or facial recognition. I looked for examples in the forum and did not find it. I found an example of fingerprint but the digital reader would not be useful to me, I need something to read from the...