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  1. H

    Android Question /close - Maven artifact error with

    Hello, I have the following problem: I have been getting the following error message with Admob/Firebase for some time: B4A Version: 12.50 Parse the code. (0.01s) Java Version: 8 Building folders structure. (0.01s) Compile the code. (0.02s) Compile layout code. (0.00s)...
  2. Flavio SOuza

    Android Question The application does not open using the Firebase Push Notifications

    I'm trying to use 'Firebase Push Notifications 2023+', and I implement it correctly following the tutorial. When debugging the application on the physical device, it simply closes without showing any kind of error. The same thing happens with the sample project. I configure it with my keys...
  3. F

    Android Question Using Native ads in Firebase admob2

    Hello, I use the guie: to migrate mi app to new Firebase admob2 and sing V3. but when I use native ads, I get one error ...