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  1. M

    Android Question Firebase send event

    How can I send an event named Service, for example, to the Google Firebase? And where can I observe this event in the Firebase console? Is it possible? And do I need to do anything from the Firebase console side?
  2. Claude Obiri Amadu

    B4A Library FirebaseAdmin Library

    I learnt Java in the past few months to build this library to get real-time updates from Firestore. The Library has 5 classes: Firebase Firestore ListenerRegistration Query Filter Except RealtimeDatabase (Coming soon) firebase-adminsdk.json(Service account file) from your Firebase console in...
  3. M

    What is the best way to send Exception? Firebase?

    Hi everyone, I've a question. Given an App that handles a Try Catch, what is the best method to send the Exception in order to see the details? Crashlytics is only good when the app actually crashes, but if the error is managed and I only want to see what the error was? How can I do...
  4. walterf25

    Android Question FireBase Messaging TokenID (SOLVED)

    Hi All, i am working on a personal project i started a few years ago, I finally found some time to get somethings going but I am a little confused about a few things regarding FireBase Messaging TokenID. I have a B4J Non_UI application running in a google cloud virtual machine which receives...