firebase messaging

  1. M


    Hello everyone, I have a problem with firebase messaging, where the error happens on specific client devices. Here is an error presented in the Google Play ANR java.lang.ClassCastException: at ( at...
  2. A

    Android Question Google Firebase messaging vulnerability allowed attackers to send push notifications to app users

    More than $30,000 has been awarded for the discovery of a security issue that allowed attackers to send mass notifications to Android users. The bug, which impacted mobile applications that were developed on Google’s Firebase platform, enabled attackers to send push notifications to all app...
  3. D

    Android Question Problem with firebase notification

    Hi I create a simple messanger app and use firebase notification for receive new message. I use firebase like this: It usually works well but some time firebase not receive any...
  4. Yunus ÖZ

    Android Question FirebaseMessaging - preventing show notification when app is running

    Hi, I look all example and try all of them, but always notification is coming when app is running. I only want to show message when notification is coming if app is running 'B4A version 8.30 'Target SDK: 26 Sub Service_Start (StartingIntent As Intent) FM.HandleIntent(StartingIntent)...