1. Jack Cole

    B4A Class FirebaseAdmob Native Ad Class

    Across the forum, there are pieces of code that you can put together to make native ads work. I put everything together into a class that saves me a lot of time, and hopefully you will find it helpful also. This example uses a pre-built layout and uses the Unified Native Ad for the type of...
  2. Abdou1283

    Android Question FirebaseAdMob errors

    HI all, i m using firebaseadmob in my app, but when i install the apk directly on my phone, i can view ads (banner and Interstitiel ads, but when i publish my app on google play store and download it from google play store, i can not see ads and it give me error code 3, can you help me please ??
  3. Gktech

    Android Question Error implement the FirebaseAdMob

    When I implement the admob firebase library I am getting the following error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: A required meta-data tag in your app's AndroidManifest.xml does not exist. You must have the following declaration within the <application> element: <meta-data...