1. peacemaker

    B4R Code Snippet [ESP32] .bin merging and flashing

    It's all was for old B4R versions supporting only Arduino 1.x. Merging 3 .bin files from B4R Object\bin folder into a single firmware file "merged-flash.bin": Flashing "merged-flash.bin" file into the board via COM-port and esptool.exe: Merging: Forgotten to plug USB-cable from the board...
  2. DavideV

    B4A Class Torch class

    Hello, this is a simple B4A class to make easy the use of the built-in led of our beloved android devices. Tested on various devices up to android 8. The goal is to use the led as a Torch. The code is commented and comes with an example. It uses inline java and depends on: -Javaobject lib...
  3. P

    Android Question Turn On / Off Flash Led

    Hi to all, I'am trying to use the flash led of the phone like a Torch. I searched the community and found some examples (listed below), but none of them work in newer phone. To be more specific: - Motorola XT1039, Android 5: All example works - Sony Z5 Compact, Android 7: No Example Work -...
  4. S

    Android Question Camex2 flash on video

    Hi, how can I activate the flash before and during the video recording? AutoExposureMode = "ON" works for me only in photo mode (CamEx2 v1.20)