for each

  1. Daniel44

    Android Question [SOLVED]Casting issues within a For Each iterating data from an API

    Hey! I'm working with my API made in PHP . Afer I got logged it returns an Access Token and a Refresh Token in json format. Like this: Postman: { "statusCode": 201, "success": true, "messages": [], "data": { "session_id": 9, "access_token"...
  2. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANAno]: [SOLVED] Returning all list items in For Each

    Hi there I'm creating an event adder for my code with a list dependency.. Dim nl As List nl.Initialize nl.AddAll(Array As String("anele", "is", "enjoying", "banano")) For Each strname As String In nl Dim strA As String = "Test-" & strname Log(strA)...