for loop

  1. F

    Android Question [SOLVED]Very Slow Loop

    I have a for-loop where I fill with data a string variable (that I have already Created). It takes 6 to 10 secs to complete. Log($"BEFORE loop- $time{DateTime.Now}"$) Dim n As Int = crs.RowCount - 1 Dim lvHtml As String = $"<!DOCTYPE...
  2. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANano] [SOLVED] For Each Loop Data Type

    Hi there Please see line 149: It seems if you don't specify a data type for the loop item, it does not transpile. Having strfield As String however works perfectly. // [146] Sub DropColumns(tblName As String, fields As List) As List this.dropcolumns= function(_tblname,_fields) { if...