1. M

    iOS Question Wait for accept to receive notifications (RegisterUserNotification)

    Hi everyone, there is a way to wait for the user to click on the notification dialog, so the app stops to do things? Like: MsgBox2("Msg", "Body", "Title", Array("Yes", "No")) Wait For Msg_Click (ButtonText As String) If ButtonText = "Yes" Then 'things' End If thanks :D
  2. M

    Wish B4i for macOS

    There will be a Version of B4i for macOS? (Same question for B4A). (I know there are similar posts, but there isn’t an answer :( )
  3. Spyrex

    Android Question How to get an element of the actual opend website in webview?

    How can I check if an element in the actual opend website in webview exists or not ? Thank you for every answer :)
  4. M

    Android Question How do you stop the first condition?

    As you can see in the picture, I put two button when the button sos is active, state is equal to 1 , and when I press the power button, the first condition is established, and when press the power button again , I want to make a second condition. The first condition is immediately discontinued...
  5. Z

    Wish Keyword 'Until' for an 'for' loop.

    Dim fb() As Int fb = Array As Int(0, 1, 2, 3, 4) Dim uA As Int In order to print a zero-based arrangement, we must iterate from 0 to the length of the arrangement minus 1, using the for loop, it could exist in the language, also, a for loop using in place of the keyword 'to' the...