ftp uploading file

  1. N

    iOS Question Slow IOS upload

    Hi there I'm having an issue with uploading files via ftp on IOS. If I upload one file it seems to go quickly however if I try to upload another file after that it is extremely slow at uploading. I do the same thing on Android and it seems to upload fine. Does anyone know a way to work around this?
  2. peacemaker

    Android Question FTP upload file troubles

    HI, All My head is broken. I'm uploading a screenshot file into FTP server. Android 8. B4A9.3 and now 9.5. NET lib v.1.8 By TotalCommander FTP-client manually - all is fully OK, via any Internet connection. But from Android app - the uploading process looks fully OK, but the file is always of...
  3. chardenal

    iOS Question FTP works first time only

    Hello, I use FTP library for iOS. It seems I can upload a file only the first time, the seconde time, after the Sub FTP_UploadProgress, the programme never goes in the Sub FTP_UploadCompleted. I initialize FTP once when the program starts. I must close the APP and restart to can use again the...
  4. G

    Android Question java.lang.RuntimeException: Error uploading file. 502 'PORT': command not implemented.

    Can You help me please? I have a failure sending a file with FTP.UploadingFile