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    Android Question FTP UploadFile

    Hello, I'm trying to create an app for sending pictures from the device to a PC with FileZilla. I think that my problem is that I dont actually understand what the full path is in the UploadFile function, because the client connects to the server but cannot upload anything (success is false...
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    Android Question ftp upload/dowload mp3 files

    When I upload files to my FTP server, they are uploaded there "broken". Garbage appears instead of the expected audio track. Is this a problem with the server itself or am I doing something wrong? files are mp3 audio messages that I record using the VoiceRecording library I would be glad for...
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    Android Question Compilation Error

    Hi, here is my code. I'm using b4a version 9.50 with Net Library 1.8 in default folder. For i =0 To Qty-1 Cursor1.Position=i FileName=Cursor1.GetString("VoiceMessageFileName") If FileName<>"" Then...