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  1. N

    Bug? Issues With Samsung Tablets not displayng full screen Activity

    Hello everyone, After having spent 24h plus on a very annoying issue... here I share. the issue: Whatever the designer variant I used, whatever the settings (manifeste file, attributes, etc, etc ...) I could not make my Activity cover the entire screen. the Solution: Samsung Tablet have a unique...
  2. yo3ggx

    Android Question Smartphones with a notch

    Following the tutorial here I was able to display the application in full screen Iimmersive mode), including over the notch area. It is possible to set the option (cover/not cover notch area0 from the code, not from the Manifest file? Some smartphones can have a bigger notch and then to cover...
  3. M

    Android Question Annoying Acitivity Title 😭

    Hi everyone, i'm coding an android app. I noticed that when the app launches (in debug and also in release) there is a moment where is possibile to see the default page with the ugly android titlebar with the app name (#ApplicationLabel: <name>) and blank activity, BEFORE the app actually...
  4. SayCheese

    Android Question Immersivemode wrong?

    I tried immersive mode in this example. It seems that this behaves somewhat different as I expected on my phone with notch and Android 9. (Android One edition) The screen starts beneath the statusbar and therefore the bottom of the screen, including the redframe isn't visible. I included some...
  5. Ganso

    Spanish Pantalla completa

    Buenas. He investigado por los foros varias maneras de activar el modo inmersivo (pantalla completa SIN la barra inferior), pero no veo que haya quorum sobre cómo se debe hacer, y en cualquier caso me parece excesivamente complicado. ¿Hay algún tutorial más o menos preciso sobre cómo hacerlo...