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    Android Question FusedLocationProvider doesn't work when Air Plane mode is on

    Hi all. Is it possible to use FusedLocationProvider when Air Plane mode is on? I tried this example https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/fusedlocationprovider.50614/page-8#post-717726 on my phone with Android 10 and it doesn't work with Air Plane mode On. Thanks.
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    Android Question FusedLocationProvider question

    Hi all. I have a question about FusedLocationProvider. I granted permission to use Location in my app, it works fine. Now I have a situation with one phone where GPS itself is turned off (the that under Connections settings). So my code tries to connect to FusedLocation Provider, connection is...
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    iOS Question FusedLocationProvider for B4i

    Hi all, is it possible to use FusedLocationProvider for B4i? In my app the GPS mostly will be used inside buildings so I'm concern about the reception. Sometimes it just returns 0 for Lat/Long but from my experience the FusedLocationProvider works - I have the same app on Android Thanks.
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    Android Question FusedLocationProvider -> .getProvider()

    Hello, everyone. I have a question about the FusedLocationProvider. I would like to filter out positions in the LocationChanged event that do not have GPS as location source. The native location-object in Android Studio provides the method getProvider() for this. In B4A this method is missing...
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    Android Question B4A v9.90 problem with Permissions/FusedLocationProvider

    Hi, Guys - Just downloaded B4A v9.90 and now I have a problem with some code that ran without problems on previous versions. Program hangs in the this code. Public Sub SelectCentre RestartDisplayNewLocationTimer If mLocator.IsInitialized Then ' Help to handle the bug #0180 Starting...