1. M

    Android Question Add a Colored Shadow (or Glow) to a panel

    Hi everyone, i looked in the forum already. Maybe with the new updates now it's possible. How can i achieve a glow/colored shadow effect? Like this: Thanks in advance
  2. M

    iOS Question Add Glow effect to a view

    Hi everyone I would like to know if there is a way to add a glow effect to a view (I'm not an expert in fact of effects). In particular I'm using this class to display a circular loading bar, it would be cool to add a glow on the ring. You think it's possibile? I attach an example image (don't...
  3. sentechnologies

    Android Question ImageView Shadow/Glow

    i want to know how to add shadow to an imageview. i tried to add shadow to label with the following code and it is working fine. but the same way it is not working for imageview Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Activity.LoadLayout("Main")...