1. Waldemar Lima

    Android Question Problem with GmapsLib [official ] With NetworkLib [ Official ]

    hi everyone ! i am creating a application using Gmaps Library [ Official ] working with Network Library [ Official ] but this application bellow sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work . what i am doing wrong ? someone can help me please ? Project size : 7MB Link to download ...
  2. Waldemar Lima

    Android Question how can i unload layout ?

    hi everyone ! how can i unload layout without "Re"load back side ? like this screenshot > this buttons are loades on "front" of Gmaps , how can i unload this buttons layout without reload gmaps layout ?
  3. Waldemar Lima

    Android Question how can i do to change GoogleMaps Marker Icon ?

    hi everyone ! i would like know how can i change marker icon using Erel Library From GoogleMaps v2 tutorial .