1. R

    iOS Question GoogleMapsExtra.ZoomToPoints() Problem - [Worked Around]

    I have a multi-purpose module that displays from one to many points on a Google Map. The points are derived from an SQLite database. The Lat/Long positions are assigned to a list which is later used as the basis for GoogleMapsExtra.ZoomToPoints(ListOfPoints). The expected number of map...
  2. M

    Android Question Hand Draw on Google Maps

    Hi everyone, i never done something like this, so i ask to understand if this is possibile. I need to draw an area on a Map (google maps): It's possibile to draw directly moving the finger on the screen and "convert" this spline in a list of point to give to google maps? I know that this isn't...
  3. R

    Android Question GoogleMapsExtra Problem [Solved]

    I am struggling to understand the use of AnimateToBounds and AnimateCamera when using GoogleMapsExtra. As you can see from the code I want to position the map to show the collection of waypoints added, also position the camera centrally in this described area. My (failed) code looks something...
  4. Arnaud

    iOS Question GoogleMapsExtra AddPolygon

    Hello, With GoogleMapsExtra, Is it possible to display a polygone "open" and no "close"? or maybe to display a lots of single lines as alternative solution? Thanks