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  1. CosmicFlux

    Android Question GPS Question

    Hello, I've been reading the GPS tutorials around the forums, but my use case is somewhat different. Erel's excellent example tutorial starts GPS as a Starter service and the GPS position updates in real time. I'm looking to implement a solution that takes a GPS "snapshot" when the user clicks...
  2. G

    Android Question Mylocation example pauses

    Hi, I am using the example in I added the required line to my manifest. The app pauses when the screen turns black. I did not change a thing besides that I added a SQL table that holds some data and when...
  3. T

    Android Question getting lat lon is too late or open area problem

    Hi. after gps.start , getting lat , lon time is too late. in fact finding satelite is too late. after go out fram home to open area , i get get satelite. But maps applications installed to android gets location immidiatelly without go out from home to open area. whats the problem?
  4. amorosik

    Android Question GPS reading, after a few hours it turns off - how to understand the reason for the shutdown?

    I have a program that, using as a basis the gps reading indicated by Erel, records the gps position every 60 seconds on a local log file After several hours of proper operation, and only on some phones (same phone brand/model, on all Android 10, on all same sim/telephone operator) , the app...
  5. A

    iOS Question FusedLocationProvider for B4i

    Hi all, is it possible to use FusedLocationProvider for B4i? In my app the GPS mostly will be used inside buildings so I'm concern about the reception. Sometimes it just returns 0 for Lat/Long but from my experience the FusedLocationProvider works - I have the same app on Android Thanks.
  6. Biswajit

    B4A Class [B4X] GPSPolyMap - check if GPS location is inside a polygon

    With this class, you can check if the GPS location coordinate is inside a polygon. You can use this class to check whether the user is inside a building, shopping mall or any custom shape. This class is only for B4A and B4I. Here is how can you get the coordinates of an establishment (school...
  7. A

    Android Question New Developer Policy

    Google Play Market has updated Developer Policy today 04/16/2020 New Developer Policy Does it mean that we can't publish anymore any app with ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission?
  8. P

    Spanish GPS Example

    Hola chicos, soy nuevo en b4a y haciedo los ejemplos basicos que hay aqui al hacer el demo GPS lo compilo y ejecuto correctamente en dos Samsung Galaxy(S6 y A5) pero no me muestra informacion en Lat:, Lon:, Speed:, pero en satellites...