1. R

    Android Code Snippet Group and count Recordset (or list or array etc.)

    Needed a fast way to take a recordset and group and count a specified column, so that is get the unique items of that column and count the occurrences of all those unique items. This the best I could come up with: Sub GroupAndCountRS(RS1 As ResultSet, iColumn As Int) As Map Dim i As Int Dim...
  2. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question NB6 group notifications

    Hello, how can i group notifications with NB6? For example WhatsApp:
  3. Xandoca

    B4J Question Authenticate user and getting groups from MSAD

    Hi, I need to build a very simple document repository app (users can download and upload files). The point here is how to integrate B4J app with MSAD (Microsoft Activity Directory) to authenticate users and get the groups the user belong? Only authenticated users from a group X can...