height property

  1. Patent

    B4J Question wrong height in nested xCLV ?

    Dear community, what occurs if i am dragging the MainForm Right-Window-Bound to let me say 5 Pixels wider? I'm not thinking of the MainForm Resize Event. What happens internaly? Is it possible to do that "magic things" manually? Because of: If i do this resizing with the mouse, the layout of...
  2. Gerardo52

    Android Question Scrollview panel height question

    Hi to everyone. I have this code inside firstime of an activity: ScrollView1.Left = 0 ScrollView1.Width = Activity.Width ScrollView1.Panel.AddView(ImageView1,0dip,0dip,Activity.Width,160dip) ScrollView1.Panel.AddView(ImageView2,0,1*170dip,Activity.Width,160dip)...

    Android Question Object position different between Designer & Real device

    Hello guys, I have these two listviews and I want them "glued" to the editfield at the top. I tried different anchoring methods and all I have is this annoying gap that can be seen below. Even the Designer showing me it is ok. What can I do to fix it? Regards, Fernando