hosted builder error

  1. D

    iOS Question Provision ID not matching bundle ID

    Hi, Guys I am attempting to update and old App not modified since 2018 (and would of last been compiled with B4i current in 2018). When I attempt to compile the original code using the Hosted Build, it fails - see report at end of post. It appears to be complaining about provisioning and...
  2. N

    iOS Question Specified Keychain could not be found

    Hi I'm using the Hosted Builder and haven't been able to compile all morning. It seems to keep crashing when sending data to the remote compiler The error I keep getting is: Any ideas on what could be wrong?
  3. M

    iOS Question Hosted Builder Error

    Hi, I have a problem. I use hosted mac builder but it gives timeout error. It was working 15 minutes ago. Is there any problem on hosted builder?
  4. mbayik

    iOS Question -- Help please -- i've difficulties with local mac builder

    hi, i've difficulties with my local mac builder, im trying to debug my app with local builder and than this below error returns to me.. thanks * it works on hosted builder working!! * http://*.*.*.*:51041/test working!! * xcode working and updated !!