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  1. walterf25

    iOS Question Problem with Local Mac Builder (SOLVED)

    Hi All, I seem to be having some issues with compiling my B4i apps using my local builder, I continue to get the following Error: I followed this thread here but I have already followed all the necessary steps including installing B4i bridge first, this was working before, the only change is...
  2. MList

    iOS Question upload to iphone connect error

    Hi, i am trying to upload my first app. I have a distribution certificate, i created a store provision Top Check BLE ( unfortunately the name has hypher, so i edited the B4i Source Code and changed the build manually to then i made a...
  3. A

    iOS Question (Solved) Error retrieving token: Communication error: Invalid user id

    Hi all. I just updated my phone iOS 15.2 and now I have this error when I try to compile my app in debig mode B4i Version: 7.80 Parsing code. (0.36s) Building folders structure. (0.11s) Compiling code. (0.65s) Compiling layouts code. (0.04s) Compiling debugger engine code...
  4. red30

    iOS Question Both Hosted Builder servers error

    Sending data to remote compiler. Error Out: Command line invocation: /Applications/ clean note: Using new build system error: Could not delete `/Users/erel/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/build` because it was not created by the build...
  5. M

    iOS Question iPhone does not ask to install when i compile in Release

    hi everyone, i just bought the new license for the hosted-builder, i update the user-id, it compiles. The problem is that, when i compile in debug, everything is fine. When i compile in release mode, it just says "you can now download the .ipa etc..." but on the phone no msgbox asking for...
  6. A

    iOS Question Hosted Builder account will expire in few days

    Since today 12/10/2020 I started to see a pop up in my B4i - Hosted Builder account will expire in few days. What does it mean and what to do?
  7. Arnaud

    iOS Question Dowload last build

    Hello, I receive an error when I try to "Download last build". This error is "System.OutOfMemoryException". I use "Hosted Builder" and B4i version 6.80. The size of the file "" is 30117 Ko An idea please? Thanks Arnaud
  8. R

    Bug? Hosted Builder problems?

    Hi, I have a problem with Hosted Builder. Every build have a timeout error: B4i Versione: 6.80 Analisi del Codice. (0.19s) Building folders structure. (0.42s) Compilazione del codice. (0.36s) Compilazione del codice di layouts (0.08s) Compilazione del codice debugger. (1.41s)...
  9. jlerner

    iOS Question Error: No devices are booted.

    Good day: I have the following problem when compiling the code. Does anyone know how to solve it? I am using Hosted Builder on a Mac, which runs smoothly. Also, if I run "xcrun simctl list", the current device is set to on. It should be noted that I start Hosted Builder (6.30) with the following...
  10. N

    iOS Question Specified Keychain could not be found

    Hi I'm using the Hosted Builder and haven't been able to compile all morning. It seems to keep crashing when sending data to the remote compiler The error I keep getting is: Any ideas on what could be wrong?
  11. M

    iOS Question Hosted Builder Error

    Hi, I have a problem. I use hosted mac builder but it gives timeout error. It was working 15 minutes ago. Is there any problem on hosted builder?
  12. C

    iOS Question to install B4i Bridge on device i need Hosted Builder?

    I have to use Hosted Builder to install B4i-Bridge on new phone? Hosted Builder needs PROVISIONING FILE?
  13. igodese

    Other Compiler error: file not found [solved]

    Hi all, this morning I have a strange behaviour compiling my new App with the hosted builder. Note that the source file is identical to the one I compiled successfully yesterday. I have such declaration in "Globals": Dim fload As Bitmap ' file load background and this code in...