1. H

    B4J Code Snippet HTMLEditor Page Break/Paragraph Handling

    The HTMLEditor can be a useful component, but it has some annoying limitations and one behavioural problem that would be a deal-breaker if it could not be fixed. And that is the handling of line breaks. Try it out: if you start a new paragraph(or insert one between two existing lines) by...
  2. westereng

    B4J Question javafx html editor

    The javafx htmleditor that is standard in B4J is pretty capable I can see, after testing with pretty advanced html. I have a question though. I want to have my own toolbar in the app and hide the editor toolbar, i found out on the forum, how to hide it. But can I reach the the inner...
  3. C

    B4J Code Snippet Tweak the HTMLEditor toolbars AFTER loading a modal

    Somebody might find this workaround handy. I needed to edit some HTML text with a few basic commands (bold, underline etc) with the HTMLEditor in a modal window on top of the main form. I can simplify the HTMLEditor's toolbar by hiding the top row and all the ComboBoxes in the lower one with...
  4. M

    B4J Question HTMLeditor, the beginning

    How to put basically a HTMLEditor in a Layout. If I use the VisualDesigner and add a view HTMLEditor with the default parameters at the execution I have: Waiting for debugger to connect... Program started. mai 12, 2018 3:08:20 PM javafx.scene.control.Control loadSkinClass GRAVE: Failed to load...