http cookies

  1. Rosin

    Android Question Http problem in 5g situation

    Hey guys,here i am using the httpjob to get the cookie from my school's websit,but i have noticed that when i am using wifi,i send the get request,and it respond very quickly...but when i am using my 5g network instead of will wait...wait until 30s(the timeout) though it maybe have...
  2. mcqueccu

    B4J Question How to make multiple http calls with same session cookies to pass CSRF token check

    I am trying to use okhttputils to register and log in to a website. But the website has this CSRF token and CSRF name as hidden fields on the form. Even though I was able to retrieve the CSRF token and name which I send with the form data, I still get CSRF Check Failed. My question is, how can...