1. Ibrahim Saleh

    Android Question Video Streaming with HTTPServer

    Hello Community, I have been researching this for a while now, but could not find any solution in B4A. I would like to stream a video found on users phone using http server. Now i think the HTTPServer lib is limited some how cuz it doesnt allow me to access the outputstream. Also this stream...
  2. XbNnX_507

    Android Question HttpServer OutputStream

    Hi, i'm using this library Whenever i try to write bytes to the outpustream with this code: Dim r As Reflector r.Target = Response Dim jo As...
  3. T

    Android Question HttpServer and download2 function question

    Hi, I’m a novice with the okHttpUtils and the HttpServer libraries, but hoping for advice please. (the libraries seem to be excellent and just what I need - if I knew how to use them!) I would like to request a series of variables (e.g.Key1, Key2) from another Android device running the...