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  1. S

    B4J Question PHP file not parsing parameter string from Poststring

    Hello, i've a strange problem which costed me quite a bit of time to debug, still I don't know why my php file won't accept the string of parameters. Note that the php files are working well, I use them on other projects in combination with another development environment. So at a certain point...
  2. BillMeyer

    B4J Question Bad Request Response Error with PostString

    Good Day B4X'ers, I am trying to get a response from a sandbox api by adding a driver to a logistics system. Somewhere, somehow I am getting it wrong and being new at this (api's) can't seem to find the problem. Documentation HERE Project Attached (It looks at a Sandbox - so passwords etc will...
  3. A

    Android Question [Solved]Order Poststring

    Hello, I am looping a posstring to put info in a online db. I got it to work finally but I can not seem to put it in the correct order in the db, which is actually important to me that it gets a correct ascending ID... The data is in a kvs and is in a correct order. I had to put dim job2 and...
  4. Paolo Trevisiol

    Android Question retrieve PostString post data into JobDone

    Hi everyone, I used: Dim myURL As String = "" Din szUsr As String = "myself" Din szPwd As String = "password" Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("MyJob",Me) Dim generator As JSONGenerator generator.Initialize(CreateMap("Usr": szUsr, "Pwd": szPwd)) j.PostString(myURL...