1. james_sgp

    Android Question Detecting BT Beacons using BLE2

    I am experimenting with BT iBeacons, I have a few to test with. But I`m getting a problem that the code isn`t recognizing the "-1" in the AdvertisingData, here is my code: Sub Manager_DeviceFound (Name As String, Id As String, AdvertisingData As Map, RSSI As Double) Log("Device: " & Name...
  2. P

    Android Question problem with BLE, beacons, and reading the advertisement package

    I am trying to connect to an iBeacon via the app and I am using the trial version of b4a. my problems are as follows: 1. The BeaconParser function is unavailable and the readRemoteRssi function is causing an error message = Cannot assign void value. 2. My BleManager2_object.Scan2(Null,True) is...