if clause

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    Android Question How do you stop the first condition?

    As you can see in the picture, I put two button when the button sos is active, state is equal to 1 , and when I press the power button, the first condition is established, and when press the power button again , I want to make a second condition. The first condition is immediately discontinued...
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    Bug? Wrong error indication with incorrect IF Then

    I'm using B4J 6.30 with the default libraries. When using an IF Then statement, but leaving the Then part out, the IDE will give an End sub is missing error when you try to run it. Example: Sub Test If a<5 --> It should report an error here, but it doesn't b=b-3 End If End...

    Android Question Help: If wKey.Tag = ... is always FALSE

    Hello, guys... I'm working on the following code and the IF clause (If wKey.Tag = wTunesApp(wIndex) Then) always returns false. The Tag field values are 0, 1, 2 and 3... and wTunesApp(wIndex) = rnd(0, 4). I know that rnd() returns an int and Tag is a string... That could explain the false...