1. Dave O

    Android Question managing user files in the cloud - FirebaseStorage vs. Google Drive/Oauth2?

    Hi all, I have a question about using FirebaseStorage vs. Google Drive/OAuth2 for uploading/downloading files in my apps. I'm looking for a good (and easy) way for my apps to upload/download user data files for: - backup/restore (if their data gets corrupted somehow, they can restore from a...
  2. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANano] How can I import a single export from a module?

    Ola I've found this example which could be a jewel for me. I'd like to achieve something like? import {myExport} from '/modules/my-module.js'; Do I have to .AddJavascriptES6File? Thanks
  3. Arie van Wingerden

    B4J Question JavaObject issue

    Hi all, in the first place: I bought B4A years ago, but because of my invalidating health, I couldn't do much with it. Now i try to get a bit done with B4J, just as a hobby, because my health is still not ok. I searched the forum for JavaObject and saw a few good examples. However in my...
  4. Dave O

    Android Question backing up users' app data?

    Hi all, Short version: How can I let users back up their data from my apps, in case they switch phones or get their data messed up (by them or by a bug in the app)? Longer version: My apps typically store data in files in DirInternal (as you would expect for simple apps). Several users have...