in-app update

  1. mcqueccu

    Android Question In-App Update not updating App

    Hello, Has anyone recently tested the In-App Update library? Has something changed? I realised my apps are no longer updating, even though the update screen comes. When I run the old sample project in the library thread, same thing is hapening. When I log user accepted (Which is triggered when...
  2. arjian

    Android Question In-App Update for other store

    hello, We don't publish our apps on Google Play and we use local play stores, for example the biggest store in our country is Bazar, which explains the method of checking the update version in the way specified in this link, and its instructions are based on android studio. So, how can I modify...
  3. ArminKh1993

    B4A Library In-App Update Library

    Keeping your app up-to-date on your users’ devices enables them to try new features, as well as benefit from performance improvements and bug fixes. Although some users enable background updates when their device is connected to an unmetered connection, other users may need to be reminded to...