1. andredamen

    Android Question InAppUpdate doesn't work

    When I us InAppUpdate it looks like it works. I get the message that I need a update. When I click on "Update" it begins to download. Then it looks like it is installing, but I still have the old application on my tablet. Who knows what is going wrong?
  2. D

    Android Question In-App Update Library - Returns version 0 (B4XPages)

    Hello! I was trying to implement In-App update published by @ArminKh1993 here Uploaded a new version to google play and left BridgeLogger true, when I debug the app the availableVersionCode is always 0 and...
  3. ArminKh1993

    B4A Library In-App Update Library

    Keeping your app up-to-date on your users’ devices enables them to try new features, as well as benefit from performance improvements and bug fixes. Although some users enable background updates when their device is connected to an unmetered connection, other users may need to be reminded to...