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  1. mzsoft

    B4R Question use type byte array in line c

    this is my code. Sub Process_Globals Type weekype(nfirstnum As Int,sat_time(25) As Byte) Dim week_sel As weekype End Sub sub show For k=0 To 23 week_sel.sat_time(k)=Rnd(0,2) Next RunNative("page_week_set_up_name", week_sel) End Sub #if C void...
  2. Martin Larsen

    B4R Question Inline C: List of methods of B4R::Object* ?

    You can pass a parameter to native C functions like explained her: #if C #include <Narcoleptic.h> void Delay (B4R::Object* o) { Narcoleptic.delay(o->toULong()); } #End if The code above uses o->toULong(). From other posts I have...
  3. KMatle

    B4R Tutorial Using RSA on a ESP32 via Inline C

    Here's nother example how to use RSA on a ESP32 based on this documentation: Notes: - If the filesystem does not work, you need to format it with fs.format once. - I've just copied the Public and Private Key from another app - Both...
  4. Chris160179

    B4R Question Set an dynamicaly IP address as static IP with Inline C# for ESP8266

    Hello everybody, i would like to pass an IP address direct to the Inline C# "Void SetIP Sub" Is there a way? This code works. RunNative( "SetIP" , Null ) #if C void SetIP(B4R::Object* o) { IPAddress ip(192, 168, 10, 101); IPAddress gateway(192, 168, 1, 1); IPAddress subnet(255...