input dialog

  1. alimanam3386

    B4A Library AX_CustomAlertViewDialog

    Another B4A library 🤪 AX_CustomAlertViewDialog This is a wrapper for link Version : 1.1 "Custom AlertView Dialogue is the world's most advanced alert view library. Custom AlertView Dialogue includes simple message popups, confirmation alerts, selector popups, action sheet bottom menus...
  2. uniplan

    Android Question change color of input dialogs (B4XInputTemplate)

    Hi. i use the input dialogs (B4XInputTemplate) how i can change the color of dialog?(background and color of header) thank you
  3. R

    Android Question Simple input dialog with coloured text.

    Currently use this code for a simple inputbox dialog. It uses the Dialogs library, version 4.01: Sub InputBox(Prompt As String, Title As String, Default As String, Hint As String) As String Dim Id As InputDialog Dim iRet As Int Id.Hint = Hint Id.Input = Default iRet = Id.Show(Prompt...