ios 13

  1. Lucas Siqueira

    iOS Question Change statusbar color ios > 13

    I'm trying to change the color of the statusbar in b4i, but I'm getting the following error, which ends up closing the application. Dim no As NativeObject = Main.App no.GetField("statusBar").SetField("backgroundColor", no.ColorToUIColor(cor_barra_status)) App called -statusBar or...
  2. walterf25

    iOS Question Library Wrapper Help (SOLVED)

    Hi all, i am working on a library wrapper for POS system, i have already done the Android side which took me some time to get it working, now I need to get the iOS version done, I have the Library compile just fine, i have generated the xml file and placed in the additional Library folder, I...
  3. D

    iOS Question WKWebView in IOS13 stopped working

    My app has stopped working since ios 13.3 upgrade. It is now failing to display the page in Webview. This is my code :- Dim xui As XUI File.Copy(File.DirAssets, la(Index,0) & ".pdf", File.DirDocuments, "page.pdf") WKWebView1.LoadUrl(xui.FileUri(File.DirDocuments, "page.pdf"))...
  4. walterf25

    iOS Question iOS 13 NFC Writing

    Does B4i support the new changes that came with iOS13 for NFC writing and reading, i know there's already a library for reading, but if a library is written to
  5. mcqueccu

    iOS 13 Supported Devices

    I guess I need to Upgrade my iphone 5s :mad:. Naa I will wait :D These phones will not be getting ios 13 update iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Check supported devices here