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    German Daten an SQL Server

    Hallo, ich habe eine App geschrieben, welche einwandfrei funktioniert und Daten über Bluetooth empfängt und diese in eine SQL Datenbank mithilfe der SQL Bibliothek schreibt. Dies funktioniert alles super. Nun wäre es super, wenn parallel dazu alle Werte, welche in die lokale SQL Datenbank...
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    Android Question Connect two phones via IP without remote server

    Hi, I want to exchange information between two phones remotely without a server and using ip. Is it possible and how? Please attach a source. Thanks🙏
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    Android Question How To get the IP adress of a connected device to the hotspot

    Hello All, to solve a problem that a B4A app can not make a connection with a ESP8266 device in AP mode through a Wifi and at the same time, post this data to the internet throuugh the mobile connection, I had the idea to connect the ESP8266 to the hotspot and hopefully, the app can in this...
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    Android Question connect sql using server name

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know if there is a library that makes the database connection by server name and not by IP number? Currently I use the MSSQL library, but it only connects by IP. I need to connect by name.