ipa upload

  1. M

    iOS Question Uploading ipa file.

    Hello everyone, I am new to ios development. I just finished my app and I need to publish it, I went to the App Store Connect and created an app. I did the steps of Erel's tutrial but I get the following error. (I use windows PC) Can you help me, please. Here's some photos.
  2. Scotter

    iOS Question iTunes connect uploader - payload folder contents

    Here's the error message I get: 'requires a top-level directory named Payload, containing only a .app bundle and optional plugins in a Plugins directory.\"}"' UPDATE (still need help): unzipped "temp.zip" to find two folders: - CalcMaterials.app - CalcMaterials.app.dSYM Tried to upload this...
  3. D

    iOS Question IPA Upload Error - Hosted Server

    I am using the hosted server, and I keep getting the error Submitting app (this step can take several minutes to complete). Error: 2019-02-22 03:33:01.633 altool[6996:9108790] *** Error: Errors uploading 'xxxxxxxx.ipa': ( "Error Domain=ITunesConnectionOperationErrorDomain Code=1190 \"No...