java error

  1. N

    Android Question Access AudioRecord Methods

    Hello, I'm trying to access the getBufferSizeInFrames using java object. Here 's the code: Dim joAudioRecord As JavaObject joAudioRecord = joAudioRecord.InitializeStatic("") Dim frames As Int = joAudioRecord.RunMethodJO("getBufferSizeInFrames", Null) Log(frames) But I...
  2. Z

    Android Question usb card reader

    hi...I was following this example Private jo As JavaObject Manager= GetContext.RunMethod("getSystemService", Array("usb")) mReader=jo.InitializeNewInstance ("com.acs.smartcard.Reader",Array As Object (Manager)) umanager.Initialize Dim usbdevices() As UsbDevice usbdevices =...
  3. AKJammer

    B4J Question Java Error when exporting to Excel

    Could someone decipher this java log? My project works fine in debug mode, but when I put into release mode and package it up as an exe file with B4JPackager11 and click my 'Export data to Excel' button, it blows up. If this log isn't definitive enough, I'll build a simple project that...