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    Android Question [Solved] Object GetType

    Hello, I have that sub to try to make some actions regarding of the view object type : Sub TrtObject(Obj As Object) Dim Lbl As Label Dim Btn As Button Dim Lv As ListView Dim Clv As CustomListView Log(GetType(Obj)) If GetType(Obj) = "Label" Then Lbl...
  2. M

    Android Question Change in Oreo

    hi everyone! I have a project in which I use the following code to detect when you have the focus or not on a button. but in android oreo never triggers the routine, is there any change in this version? Sub SetUpOnFocusListener(Button As Button, EventName As String) FocusButton(Button)...
  3. Ibrahim Saleh

    B4J Question CipherInputStream

    Hi There, i have search every where and can't seem to find a library for cipher input stream in b4j.the cipher library already available is not what i need.can someone tell me how to use CipherInputStream using java object or something