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    B4J Question (Solved) NoSuchAlgorithmException with jcifs-ng SMB-Client (SMB2)

    I'm testing @DonManfred 's SMB client (https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jcifs-ng-smb-client-smb2.104561/), both the B4A and B4J versions. B4A works fine, and so does B4J on Linux. On Windows 10 and 11 however, I'm getting the below error and have no clue what to do; the library used is...
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    Android Question need help "B4A Library jcifs-ng SMB-Client (SMB2)"

    Hallo, I want to change my app from SMB1 to SMB2 and are testing this lib. The example starts and the filelist is shown. How can I copy a file from the share to the device or from the device to the share? Please, can somebody show me here some lines of code? Thank you.
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    Android Question jcifs-ng (SMB2) - Problem AdditionalJar

    I'm using jcifs-ng lib by @DonManfred for read a shared folder on my pc (WIN10) but i have 2 problems: 1. If the line "#AdditionalJar:bcprov-jdk15on-1.59.jar" is active, the compiler present an error: "Invalide character on the path"; if i comment that line the app can run (see attached images)...