1. A

    German [B4J] intern jnet - ftp - dir list für einen VX Works ftp-Server

    Hallo miteinander, hab hier ein Problem mit jnet/ftp. Ich nutzte B4J 9.8 internal Version:1.81. Ich habe hier mal ein vereinfachtes Testprogramm meines Projekts private Sub Test ftp.Initialize("ftp","",21,"User","pass") ftp.PassiveMode=True ftp.TimeoutMs= 60000 Log...
  2. Star-Dust

    Share My Creation Client FTP

    I was fascinated by the FTP client Erel showed in this post. Not having shared the source, I started creating a similar client several times, but soon after I gave up for lack of time and deleted all the source. Up until today I've started all over again, thinking of something simple. Here is...