jokhttputils2; timeout

  1. Pablo Torres

    B4J Question Problem with jOKHttpUtils2 3.0

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry to disturb but I have an Issue that I'm not able to fix by myself, so I ask for anyone who has the knowledge to point me in the right address I'm currently working with AWS Lambda functions, I have sucked on connecting to a Aurora Serverless BD with these functions and...
  2. E

    B4J Question Connection reset

    When using jOkHttpUtils2 with an https:// url, I get this error: " Connection reset" Switching to jHttpUtils2 with the same url, the error is: " peer not authenticated" The URL works when placed into a browser window. The...
  3. T

    B4J Question jOkHttpUtils2 timeout

    Hi All, can some one help me to understand how to set a faster time out on jOkHttpUtils2? That's my code: Dim job As HttpJob job.Initialize("Main page", Me) WebIP = "" job.Download(WebIP) job.GetRequest.Timeout = 10000 ' <--- don't work Thank you...