1. Guillermo Manoukian

    Spanish JRDC2

    Hola a todos!, soy nuevo en el tema de B4A y estuve revisando un poco varios foros y veo que hablan mucho de JRDC y JRDC2(recomendado), como soy nuevo en esto mi pregunta es si este Middleware que codificó Erel se puede correr en Linux mediante, Apache, Tomcat, Daemon ú otra forma. Alguno tiene...
  2. WadeFisher

    B4J Question jRDC connection to MS SQL SERVER

    I've searched High and Low and have tried multiple ideas already posted. Running jRDC: Using MySQL I have no problem connecting or working with data. But; I am trying to get a connection to a SQL Server database and I am going in circles. Let me first state that my Data connection to the sql...
  3. M

    Android Question jRDC2 using 'user' and 'password' parameters

    my app client/server works in both local and vps hosted scenarios however, the config.properties of 'user' and 'password' I am unclear how one incorporates these into the client side? user=root password= seems to work just fine. user=rootx password=123456 also works fine. I presume the...