1. Alex.Gi

    iOS Question jRDC2 DB access problem

    Hi, January 24, I've released last update of my APP on Apple Store. On iPhone SE, 6, 7 app runs ok. On latests version of iPhone jRDC2 server sends these messages: feb 07, 2024 5:23:19 PM org.firebirdsql.logging.JulLogger warn WARNING: WARNING: No connection character set specified (property...
  2. aeric

    B4J Code Snippet [Project Template] [B4X] jRDC2 Client (B4J, B4A, B4i)

    Version: 1.00 Description: JRDC Client Template to be used with jRDC2 Server Template. . . . . Note: The designs are similar to Web API Client but the code are different. How to use: 1. Create a new project from B4A, B4i or B4J 2. Change the rdcLink in Main module to your server IP 3. Run
  3. aeric

    B4J Code Snippet [Project Template] jRDC2 Server (SQLite, MySQL, MS SQL, Firebird, Postgresql, DBF)

    jRDC2 Server Template Version: 1.12 (based on jRDC2 version 2.23) Create a new project and run it! To be accompanied with jRDC2 Client Template Introduction: To be edited Version 1.00 : 9KB Version 1.11 : 127KB Version 1.12 : 127KB Version 2.00 (beta) : 127KB Note: If you think the latest...
  4. mmieher

    B4J Question [SOLVED] jRDC Noob Binding Puzzler - Failed to bind to

    Years ago, I made RDC work in B4A with an insecure Windows server. Today, more confident UBUNTU server is resisting connection. I do not know why I get this in DEBUG? Where is "" coming from? 2023-01-25 08:42:03.104:INFO :oejss.DefaultSessionIdManager:main: Session workerName=node0...
  5. cheveguerra

    Android Question Generate JRDC cmd.parameters dinamically

    Hi everybody, I am trying to generate a "cmd.Parameters" for a "reqManager.ExecuteQuery" dynamically, but I don't know how to generate an array as object!! If I try: Private theParamsList As List theParamsList.Initialize For Each myVal As String In m2.Values 'Here we...
  6. P

    B4J Question How do I use the JRDC when the database and JRDC are on different servers?

    I rented a cloud database, so my database and JRDC are located in different servers. I can connect to my cloud database using Navicat, but I can't connect to the WEBSITE using JRDC, I don't know what the problem is. I changed the JdbcUrl of the config file to < database external IP >: database...
  7. vfafou

    B4J Question Efficient way to fill form data from jRDC2 call

    Hello! Making a new desktop app, I'm trying to find an efficient way to fill dynamically EditText, Label, ComboBox and DatePicker objects of my forms. So, I did the following steps: 1. I gave the exact database table field names as values to the Tags of the form objects. 2. I wrote a Sub to...
  8. N

    B4J Question JRDC2 Warning/Error

    Hello, So I connected to my remote database successfully, but sometimes I get this warning/error. How can I avoid it? Full warning/error line: 2021-09-23 07:27:31.112:WARN:oejh.HttpParser:qtp902919927-1723: Illegal character 0x3 in state=START for buffer...
  9. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] [B4XLib] SD_SQL (direct access to MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, FireBird)

    Based on @Peter Simpson's code (here), I developed a library that allows you to connect directly to MySql, MsSql (for the moment) databases with B4A and B4J. To be clear, you don't need JRDC to connect to the database located on a server (I am working on a version for b4i, but it is only...
  10. Guillermo Manoukian

    Spanish JRDC2

    Hola a todos!, soy nuevo en el tema de B4A y estuve revisando un poco varios foros y veo que hablan mucho de JRDC y JRDC2(recomendado), como soy nuevo en esto mi pregunta es si este Middleware que codificó Erel se puede correr en Linux mediante, Apache, Tomcat, Daemon ú otra forma. Alguno tiene...
  11. WadeFisher

    B4J Question jRDC connection to MS SQL SERVER

    I've searched High and Low and have tried multiple ideas already posted. Running jRDC: Using MySQL I have no problem connecting or working with data. But; I am trying to get a connection to a SQL Server database and I am going in circles. Let me first state that my Data connection to the sql...
  12. M

    Android Question jRDC2 using 'user' and 'password' parameters

    my app client/server works in both local and vps hosted scenarios however, the config.properties of 'user' and 'password' I am unclear how one incorporates these into the client side? user=root password= seems to work just fine. user=rootx password=123456 also works fine. I presume the...