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    iOS Code Snippet RSA - Encryption and key generator (GPT-4 Experiment)

    Disclaimer: This post was written entirely with GPT-4 model Version: 0.1 Greetings, The absence of an RSA library in B4i, particularly for generating RSA key pairs and adjusting encryption key size, has been a personal challenge for me. Despite not being well-versed in Objective C, I was...
  2. JWT

    B4J Question decryption of private key using RSA and PKCS1_v1_5

    I'm trying to port a Python implementation which is used for turning on/off Wifi TP-Link P100 wall plugs or light bulbs. The way to turn the P100 on or off is in the following order using htpp requests: - handshaking by means of a key pair (private and public) - login by username...