1. Hadi57

    Android Question Problem with key certificate.

    I get this error when updating my app after uploading Apk: You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate. You must use the same certificate. The upload certificate has fingerprint: SHA1: 75:D1:..... and the certificate used to sign the APK you uploaded has fingerprint: SHA1...
  2. carlos7000

    Spanish Se puede hacer un programa en b4j que teclee en un campo, un texto de forma automatica?

    Deseo crear un programa que me permita teclear una clave dura en un campo de texto del navegador, ya que contiene símbolos que son difíciles de teclear. Antes el campo los aceptaba, pero ahora el desarrollador deshabilito la opción 'pegar texto', por lo que ahora toca teclear la clave, lo cual...
  3. mcorbeel

    Android Question Troubles uploading APK with Play App Signing

    Since I replaced my computer I am not able to upload an APK to the Google app store. I read this article: and it starts by saying that I must upload my original key to Google and that "The encryption key should be replaced...
  4. Mrphone

    Android Question Blocked by Play Protect

    hi guys :) When installing the program, I get the error "Blocked by Play Protect" which is from Google Play ... I know this error is related to the signing key, but I use my signing key. Previously, everything was fine until I deleted my key signing key and then every key I made would get an...
  5. P

    B4A Library SharedPreferences - Save Key-value data

    Hello When i used B4A for the first time, I felt something is missing. it was hard to save values using File.WriteString or even harder: File.WriteMap each time i had to Create a map and write it to a file if i wanted to save changes. i was waiting for anyone to write a library to make this...
  6. M

    Android Question [SOLVED] KeyPress Event Unmanageable

    Hi, everyone, i'm coding an app, and i wanted to do it graphically catchy, so i designed my own msgBox in the designer, and i display it using the custom B4XDialog and loading the layout i did. Now, the problem is that it doesn't aumatic handle the KeyPress Back event, so you have to do it...
  7. Scotter

    Android Question Key not secure?

    I used B4A's keystore system and it works for both Amazon and Google Play store. BUT Google gives me this message: Help?
  8. A

    Android Question [solved] Json file password

    Hello, I tried to use OkHttpUtils2 with json, the file adress have a key/password to get to the data. I used j.password = but The Log result is: "ResponseError. Reason: Unauthorized, Response: {"message":"Need to provide a secret-key to READ private bins","success":false}" Sub...

    Android Question private key error

    Hi guys :) i have made a little program whit private key. i want to compile in Release(obfuscated) but i get an error during the release compiling . thanks.