1. J

    Android Question KeyValueStore - delete LIKE?

    How to delete records from KeyValueStore something like LIKE in SQL? eg DELETE LIKE "hint*"
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [Solved] - KeyValueStore missing library reference error when trying to compiling app

    Greeting Everyone, Can you tell me why the KeyValueStore library is giving this error in the logs when I try to compile my app and how to correct it? Unknown type: b4xbitmap<br />Are you missing a library reference? [IDE message - 4:17:40] An error occurred. Error parsing program. Error...
  3. Aegis

    Android Question KVS.remove and data persistence

    Hello Im using KeyValueStore (the new and recommended one) to store and load bytearrays ( representing device configuration backups) Everything works fine, until i uninstall the app. Upon reinstallation, all the removed keys ( removed by KVS.remove ) come back, with their name and value...
  4. cklester

    B4J Question How To Save KeyValueStore to Disk

    How do I save a KVS to disk? I searched "save keyvaluestore" and none of those threads actually explain how to save the KVS to disk. Unless I missed it... which is very possible. :D
  5. Ganso

    Android Question KeyValueStore database import & export

    Hi. I'm using KeyValueStore2 for storing configuration data in my project, and it's working great. I'd like to have the posibility of making backups of the configuration and import them in the same or other devices. CloudKVS would be great, but I don't have a dedicated server to install it...
  6. A

    B4J Question KeyValueStore2 encrypt problem

    Hi, I get this error with the function getEncrypted javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: error:1e000065:Cipher functions:OPENSSL_internal:BAD_DECRYPT The stored data is an IP address Thank you in advance :)
  7. Pete_S

    Android Question Save Map To KeyValueStore, Load Map From KeyValueStore

    I created this code. It works but I was wondering if there is an easier/optimized way to save a map to a KeyValueStore and retrieve it back from the KeyValueStore. Main: Sub Process_Globals End Sub Sub Globals End Sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Dim map1 As Map...

    Android Question If Starter.kvs.ContainsKey("key") ==> "missing parameter"

    Hi there! I'm trying to check for an existing value stored before using it, according to the tutorial documentation, but the IDE points me a missing parameter. If the value is not stored I'm going to PUT it then. Any clues? BTW, the process was started on Sub Service_Create...
  9. LucaMs

    Android Question Invalid double: "null" after updating KeyValueStore

    I was using an "old" version of KeyValueStore. Having found this problem: I replaced the old class with the latest one (and replaced all PutSimple and GetSimple with Put and Get). Running the project, I get: java.lang.NumberFormatException...