1. C

    Android Question Resume app

    I try to explain the problem as clearly as possible. I have an app with many activities, I would like to make sure that once the app is started and the various activities are open, when the app is closed and then reopened, it resumes the last activity left. I'll explain better. My app is made...
  2. LucaMs

    Other [B4X] KeyValueStore2 -order is not preserved

    I had a problem using KeyValueStore2 and, "investigating", saw it uses "INSERT OR REPLACE". This doesn't work well in SQLite (almost certainly due to the rowid field). The problem I had was that I couldn't preserve the order of the data by using Put (actually PutEncrypted but it doesn't matter)...
  3. LucaMs

    B4J Question Deleting KeyValueStore2 file.

    [KVS2_XXX are non-empty constants, of course]
  4. aeric

    Share My Creation Todo List (source code)

    todo-B4A Made with ❤ in B4X Source code: YouTube tutorial: For B4i: Update on 13 Aug 2021: Uploaded to Play store to test new App Bundle...
  5. Ganso

    Android Question KeyValueStore database import & export

    Hi. I'm using KeyValueStore2 for storing configuration data in my project, and it's working great. I'd like to have the posibility of making backups of the configuration and import them in the same or other devices. CloudKVS would be great, but I don't have a dedicated server to install it...