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    B4J Question Using To in Select Cases?

    Hi, I am attempting to use a reserved word that doesn't seem to exist in B4x, the To keyword, in this context: Select Case SomeChar Case "A" To "Z", "a" To "z" ' Identifies a keyword End Select But in this case it the compiler throws errors if I attempt to do anything but this...
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    B4J Question [B4x] How do you simply access B4x keywords definitions ?

    Hi, how Anywhere Software intended to show the documentation page for a specific keyword (except for searching with google or so) ? Example : keyword "List" Problem : As a new user I didn't knew it is defined under "Collection" Expected answer ...
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    Wish Keyword 'Until' for an 'for' loop.

    Dim fb() As Int fb = Array As Int(0, 1, 2, 3, 4) Dim uA As Int In order to print a zero-based arrangement, we must iterate from 0 to the length of the arrangement minus 1, using the for loop, it could exist in the language, also, a for loop using in place of the keyword 'to' the...