1. amorosik

    Italian [B4A] Programma di lettura dati gps che si blocca - perche' ?

    Dispongo di un programma che, usando come base la lettura gps indicata da Erel, registra la posizione ogni 60 secondi su file di log locale Dopo diverse ore di funzionamento corretto, e solo su alcuni telefoni, l'app improvvisamente si spegne Leggo su alcuni articoli che potrebbe essere...
  2. M

    iOS Question Local Mac Builder - not killing

    Hi, I'm trying to follow the tutorial. I started successfully the server but when Istart the Test page it says: "Mac SSL Key Error reading key SSL port: 51042" If I try to kill it, the browser stop loading in a certain point and stay there for ever without killing
  3. A

    Android Question Avoid app from being closed

    Hello, Does anybody know a way to handle the app closed, so if the system or the user closes the app, it won't close but the current 'position' of the user will be saved? (maybe with some special permission?) Thanks in advance.
  4. senat56

    Android Question Service is killed in 3-7 minutes, what is wrong?

    Good day dear programmers. (I use Google as a translator, so do not swear strongly) Briefly, there is an oreo and you need a service that will check a certain URL every 20 seconds and cause a certain action. But the current code does not work much time, oreo kills it. What not so please tell me...